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UC Finance

A dedicated financial services specialist, UC Finance was founded to bring a refreshingly ethical, straightforward and transparent approach to the financial services sector.

Bringing together a highly skilled team holding a wealth of experience within the financial services and contracting industries, we launched our unique Timesheet FinanceTM product to enable freelancers and contractors to borrow 80% of the value of their contracted work, providing the essential low cost funding facilities frequently denied by High Street banks.

Emerging with a bright new ethos from the wreckage of the traditional banking industry, our enthusiastic team combines a 21st Century approach to the Finance sector with old world values, treating clients with the respect they deserve, while offering accessible and affordable finance packages to improve cash flow.

Designed to alleviate some of the financial stresses of self employment, and help our clients avoid expensive pay day loans or bank overdrafts, our service offers contractors and freelancers the ability to leverage the value of work timesheets, borrowing against recorded hours via a straightforward process.

Timesheet FinanceTM is fully compliant with HMRC’s IR35 regulations and all costs are 100% tax deductible. There are no hidden costs, no notice or minimum periods and no minimum fees for the service, while interest rates do not fluctuate depending upon the individual borrower’s credit rating. Our clients pay between 2% and 4% of their invoice value, for the full service : - cash advanced, invoices raised, and collections undertaken.

If you would like to discuss possible options available to you as a freelancer, contractor or one man limited company, and how you can improve your cash flow situation, then please Contact Us, we'll be happy to chat.

Equally, if you’re a Contractor Accountant or Recruitment Company, or you provide a complimentary service for clients in our sector, and would like to find out how you can become a Partner of UC Finance, then please get in touch.

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Our People

Joanna Holloway

Managing Director

Joanna Holloway is Managing Director of UC Finance. 

Bringing over 15 years of experience working at the core of the financial services industry to her role at UC Finance, Joanna is responsible for managing and scaling the business.

Selected as the first member of the Executive Team and tasked to set up the company and its business and finance systems, Joanna draws on her extensive finance and banking experience - blended with an impressive zeal for the unique ‘Timesheet FinanceTM’ product it offers - to lead from the front. Playing an integral role in developing the business strategy and delivering operations, she spearheads activities with relentless energy and determination.

Prior to UC Finance, Joanna held senior roles in RBS Invoice Finance and RBS Insurance during which she developed her management and business development skills, while growing an interest in and enthusiasm for issues within the financial services industry that she now channels into driving forward the UC Finance concept.

Leading teams to win numerous awards in the financial industry, Joanna is a recognised leader and developer of people. Innately capable of instilling and growing pride and commitment among those in her team, she creates a dynamic and positive working environment for all members at UC Finance.

Non-business pursuits include medieval history, walking and music.

Alf Gordon


Alf is Chairman of UC Finance. Incubating start up business UC Finance in his “Entrepreneurial Portfolio Tank” over the last few years, Alf launched the business early 2012.

An expert in launching and growing start up businesses, Alf holds a global portfolio extending to creating businesses in the United States of America, China, the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Africa and the UK. With successful ventures across a wide range of industries including Technology, Accounting, Engineering, and Property, Alf has driven businesses to deliver a turnover in excess of £2 billion over the past two decades.

Built on a career spanning over 30 years, Alf holds the professional experience and industry expertise to create UC Finance’s unique offering to the financial services industry. Harnessing a granular knowledge of the issues affecting contractors and freelancers, Alf set up UC Finance to address their commonplace challenges including taxation, finance, insurance and start up requirements in today’s financial climate.

Committed to driving innovation in technology and unlocking the potential of highly motivated individuals and teams, Alf believes that people and products underpin the success of the businesses he creates and pursues the highest quality in both.

Having honed his entrepreneurial craft prior to UC Finance, Alf applies himself as a dynamic leader who blends technical and strategic innovation, team development, and risk management to put together executive teams, develop products, and advance commercially viable projects to success within target markets. Recognised for his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills, Alf was awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Grampian Awards for Business Enterprise 2012 in the Oil and Gas industries capital of Europe.

Enjoying a number of non business related pursuits, Alf enjoys music and the renovation of historic properties.